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There might be more to taking care of the skin you remain in than many individuals realize.
Here, from a noted dermatologist, is a response to a common skin care question.

Q. I’m never ever surprised when my four-year-old boy comes in from playing outside with cuts or scrapes. However recently, a cut on his forearm has actually become red, inflamed and a little “blistery.” I’ve cleaned the location with soap and water and applied a warm, damp washcloth to eliminate the discomfort however it’s still scabby and swollen. Should I take him to see the physician?

-Concerned Mama

A. Dear Concerned:

You probably should. Red, swollen, blistery skin might signify a skin infection, which can take place when bacteria can be found in contact with an open cut or scrape.

If you believe your kid has a skin infection, cleaning up the area with soap and water is an excellent primary step, but it’s likewise essential to call your physician. Early treatment can avoid the infection from becoming more major. If the physician identifies that your child has a bacterial skin infection, the physician might recommend an antibiotic. There are numerous offered, consisting of some that taste great and have convenient dosing options.

Symptoms usually start to go away within a few days after your kid starts taking the medication. It is very important, however, to end up the entire course of the antibiotic as prescribed, even if your kid is feeling better. If the kid does not take all the antibiotic, it might not cure the infection. Be sure to interact with your doctor if symptoms do not improve, if they get worse or if brand-new symptoms appear.

• • Dirk Elston, M.D., is a Partner in the Department of Dermatology at the Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania. To learn more on children’s skin infections, see your doctor.

A swollen cut ought to be seen by a medical professional who can prescribe an antibiotic if needed, health professionals say.