Demand for Legal Nurse Consultants at All-Time High

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Need for Legal Nurse Experts at All-Time High

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Exactly what Is a Legal Nurse
Consultant? A legal nurse expert is a registered nurse who uses existing knowledge as a health care professional plus specialized training to consult on medical-related cases at charges of $100-$150/hour. Couple of attorneys understand the best ways to check out medical records or understand the terms and subtleties of health care issues to accomplish the very best results for their customers. A legal nurse specialist bridges that gap in the lawyer’s knowledge. While the lawyer is the professional on legal issues, the legal nurse specialist is the specialist on nursing, the health care system and its inner operations.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “Of the roughly 900,000 * lawyers in practice today, 25 percent handle medical malpractice and accident cases.” These lawyers rely on specially experienced legal nurse experts to help them win their cases.

Who are Legal Nurse Specialists
? Legal nurse experts live all over the U.S., rural or metropolitan. Legal nurse consultants have actually sought advice from on cases as easy as a neck injury triggered by a car mishap, as high-profile as the Rodney King case and as groundbreaking as Fen-Phen, Vioxx, breast implant and harmful mold lawsuits.

In addition, legal nurse experts offer health care competence for insurance provider, usage review firms, federal government companies, private corporations and health centers both as staff members and consultants. The legal nurse consulting occupation permits nurses many alternatives for establishing a satisfying and rewarding part-time or full-time consulting career.

Exactly what services do Legal Nurse Experts Offer?

Legal nurse expert services include assisting with discovery; conducting research study; examining medical records; recognizing standards of care; preparing reports and summaries on the degree of injury or disease; and finding expert witnesses. Although most legal nurse experts work behind the scenes, they might likewise function as skilled witnesses. The legal nurse expert serves as a specialized member of the lawsuits team whose professional contributions are frequently vital to attaining a fair and simply result for all parties.

Types of Clients Who Need Legal Nurse Consultants

1. Attorneys(complainant and defense)
2. Insurance companies
3. Healthcare centers
4. Other legal nurse specialists and medical-legal consultants (complainant and defense)
5. Federal government agencies
6. Private corporations (e.g., for establishing business methods for quality control, danger identification and management, evaluation and control of loss direct exposure)

* Inning accordance with the American Bar Association Marketing research Department, in 2005 there are 1,104,766 lawyers in the U.S.