Acne: Laser, a good therapy for acne without side effects


Acne: Laser, a good treatment for acne without negative effects

1st International Symposium Future in Dermatology: Inflammation
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Laser appears to be a good therapy for acne without negative effects. Lasers and light-based systems have turned into one of the more typical techniques to treat a wide array of skin disorders, consisting of acne vulgaris, during the previous 10 years.

A great deal of patients do not respond effectively or establish side effects with the various oral and topical treatments offered for the treatment of acne. For this reason, the growing demand by patients who suffered from acne for a quicker, much safer, and side-effect-free unique therapy.

The Dermatology and Lasers Center from Tel Aviv Msq, Caesarea, Israel, studied this concerning scenario in order to resolve the function of light therapy in the armamentarium of treatments for acne vulgaris, to go over photobiology elements and biomedical optics, to examine present technologies of laser/light-based devices, to evaluate the scientific experience and results, and to outline clinical standards and treatment considerations, as they reported.

After a series of clinical trials, outcomes reveal that 85 per cent of the patients reveal an important quantitative decrease in a minimum of 50 percent of their lesions after 4 biweekly treatments. Around 20 per cent of cases show that acne elimination might reach 90 per cent. Three months after the last treatment, clearance is around 70 per cent to 80 percent. Meanwhile, the non-respondent rate is 15 per cent to 20 per cent.

According to researchers, laser and light-based therapies are a safe and efficient method for the treatment of moderate to moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris. After comparing with the impacts of oral prescription antibiotics, amelioration of acne by light treatment uses faster resolution and fewer adverse effects and leads to client complete satisfaction.