Understanding What Causes Domestic Violence


´╗┐Understanding What Causes Domestic Violence

People are always looking for simplistic explanations for any complicated phenomena, and domestic violence is no exception. There are many articles claiming that one factor or another causes domestic violence almost entirely on its own. Is domestic abuse caused by a society with unhealthy views of masculinity? Is it caused by individual lack of control on the part of the abuser? Is it a cycle of violence, passed down from family to family and generation to generation? Although each of these factors helps to cause domestic violence, there is no single one that explains it entirely.

Sometimes, however, understanding what causes domestic violence is secondary to trying to stop it. Every you year, thousands of people are the victims of abuse. This can include beating, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and other forms of cruelty. Although understanding what causes domestic violence is an important part of combating and defeating it, it is not the main part. The main part is action.

No matter what causes domestic violence, there are some things that we know can help stop it. Tougher laws to punish abusers and stop them from getting access to the abused are one of the best ways to start. Besides that, domestic violence education is also important. The more community education we have, the better off our community as a whole will be. If we educate people on how to spot signs of abuse, they will know to look out for it and will be able to stop it before it gets worse. This is the best way to make a difference.

In the last three years, there have been some advances in understanding what causes domestic violence. It turns out that there is no one cause, but it can be predicted in individuals. People who have poor emotional control, difficulty observing their own motives and feelings, and an inability to relate and sympathize with other people are much more likely to be abusers than members of the general population are. If these people are caught early enough, there is some sign that they can be successfully treated. This is a great way to treat the root causes of domestic violence. After all, it is always better to stop the problem before it starts. It prevents the suffering of the victim and eliminates the need to punish the perpetrator, so it is better for everyone and for society at large.