Types of Motor Home


Types of Motor Home

Commonly known as recreational vehicle or RV, a motor home is actually a unique form of vehicle perfect for camping and travel. It is easily identified by its being self-propelled and attached to a chassis. It can occupy a large number of people, from two to seven, making it perfect for family trips. Well, what really makes a motor home a “home” for families is that despite it size, a motor home is full equipped with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dining facilities. All of these are accessible to the driver’s area. Aside from that, a motor home is complete with electricity, air conditioning, water and propane gas and heating.

A motor home comes in different types. To mention but a few, below are the most common types of motor home; all differ according to sizes, facilities included, and of course the assembly and appearance.

Coachbuilt Motor Vehicle

The coachbuilt type of motor home is identified by its being an extended chassis on a van cab with a coachbuilt living space, hence the name. It differs according to sizes, but usually the coachbuilt is wider than a typical van. It has wider caravan body that allows users to incorporate almost everything they need into a pretty small area. This type is also known as C-Class in the United Kingdom, but is also sometimes called as motor caravan.

Class A Motor Vehicle

The Class A type is perhaps one of the most well-known and commonly used motor home in the world. This vehicle usually comes in medium and large size that is completely coachbuilt. Perhaps what sets this type unique from the others is that it has nothing of the original van bodywork or cab exterior. Also, many of those who have known this type noted that the Class A motor home is potentially the best design that is ever known to man as almost everything is provided based on the needs of the occupiers. The downside of this type, however, is that the Class A is more expensive and is historically not popular in the United Kingdom.

Hightop Motor Vehicle

Another worth noting type of motor home is the hightop. According to some reviews, this vehicle is basically a delivery van or a panel van conversion that features a special high fixed roof. It has a wheelbase found on the van chassis which has actually a strong impact on the space available for the occupiers. The impact is perhaps notable as the width of hightop is more or less fixed. In addition, the hightop type of motor home typically comes in long wheelbase van that no doubt provides the most space. The downside of this width, however, is that it can be unwieldy to drive, meaning that the driver may need some effort and control to properly maneuver the vehicle. Because of this fact, the medium sized hightop motor home is much favored. This vehicle is often referred to as “campervan” or “camper”.