How to Choose a Mini Storage in Kalispell

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Quite often we have discussed asset protection here on our website, but now we need to talk about a different kind of protection.  What do you do when you have way to many physical assets and you need to store them somewhere else?  I spoke to the nice people over at Truman Storage in Kalispell Montana, (  ) and they had a few tips on how to choose a mini storage facility if you are in Kalispell MT.

Storage is a major concern when selecting a property for use. For example, shifting to a smaller space that is not sufficient to accommodate all your belongings can be a big hassle – but the
concept of self-storage, since its introduction to the US in 1960’s, has gained immense popularity among masses.

Looking for storage across the United States is not tough if you have knowledge of the required size of space, your budget, and the life of goods you intend to store. In this article, we shall guide you specifically about essentials of selecting mini-storage in Kalispell, Montana.

Essentials of finding a suitable self-storage facility in Kalispell


There is no hard and fast rule to be followed while looking for a mini-storage facility anywhere, but as a general guide here is what you should know before sealing the deal for the right storage facility in Kalispell.

1) Safety and Security

Truman Storage in Kalispell MontanaKalispell offers some great storage units, but the safety of your goods should be your main concern as this shall allow you peace of mind after storing your possessions out of your sight.

Kalispell has dry weather throughout the year. Dry summers and winters may mean that your belongings are safe from humidity, hence you must consider options that provide you safety against threats such as harsh weather, intruders who may compromise the security of your stored goods and natural conditions such as dust storms, seepage etc.


2) Visit the place before renting

Self-examination of the space will give you an exact idea of what you are getting into because you may not want to store your goods in a secure place that protects them from outside harm
but is low on interior maintenance. It is also good to know how ideal your experience of a place is, as compared to mere pictures and words. There is a possibility that the location being described as approachable may not be as accessible after all, considering your means of transportation and access.

3) Accessibility and location

An accessible location makes it easier for you to gain urgent and round the clock access to your belongings in case of immediate need. Also, if we are talking of goods such as an extra pile of office files that are required every week, you must consider a store where weekly access is not a big hassle and having to travel to and from the storage facility must not be time-consuming.

Another very important part of accessibility is the location of the store within a building. A ground floor store may be expensive but is easy to shift heavy things as compared to the
room available on higher floors, but with lower rent rates.

For example, if you are a frequent traveler or intend to store your goods near the airport in Kalispell, then Airport Mini Storage, a facility located at 1896 airport road, is an ideal
and reasonably priced option. Meanwhile, if you need storage near Flathead Lake for boats, you can check  Truman Mini Storage at US-2 or Flathead & EZ Self-Storage.

4) Customer service

Good customer service is the best determinant of the success of any business. While a businessman may say that “the customer is the boss”, very few believe in success of their business being dependent upon customer service. A good storage facility considers the security
of your belongings as goodwill of their own brand and also provides you with assistance in packing and transportation.

While looking for mini-storage facilities, follow your instincts with a good manager and a 24-hours customer service. Looking for a mini-storage facility means that you intend to store  your precious few belongings for a certain period, and anyone would want the customer service reps to be available in case of breach of security.

5) Size

Self-storage businesses lease a variety of unit sizes to residential and business customer/tenants. Popular unit sizes include:

  •  5×10, about the size of a large walk-in closet,
  •  10×10, about the size of a child’s bedroom (as of 2015, 10×10’s are the most common storage unit size, making up 16% of the distribution in the U.S.),[6]
  •  10×20, about the size of a one-car garage,
  •  15×20, about the size of a large master bedroom, and
  •  20×20, about the size of a two-car garage.

However, you can also rent a small space and then securely stack the packed belongings in order of their importance or frequency of use. This shall save you some rent worthy of the

6) Condition and maintenance

When you intend to store your belongings in a facility, you may want to also consider the apparent condition and maintenance standards of the overall facility. A room may be secure and safe but poorly-lit corridors, or there may be seepage in rooms because of underground running water and sewerage lines, generally poor condition of the building may restrict you from also considering a store-room with bars and lock.

You must also be sure that the storage space is sealed when closed, and does not contain hidden cracks or holes for anyone to peep inside. Even if your belongings are not confidential, it can be counted as a general safety measure as holes or cracks allow dust, insects, and rodents into dark places. Also, make sure that storage facility of your interest is frequently fumigated as moths, roaches and termites can cause great damage to wood, cardboard, paper, and cloth.

7) Amenities

There are over 30,235 companies across the US that deal in storage facilities, while over 9% of them are operated by Real Estate Investment Trust (RIET) and a leading storage brand U-Haul. What make any facility different from others are the amenities that are being provided by the facility for your convenience.

A good facility will provide you with a free truck and or shipping, manual labor service for packing and transport, temperature controlled environment depending on the type of goods you intend to store, leasing opportunity, and own supplies for packing and labeling your belongings.

A facility such as Truman Storage in Kalispell facilitates you with 12 ft doors to move in high packages with ease, and keep them under lock.

8) Affordable

Price of a storage facility is least considered essential if you intend to store your belongings in a safe and secure storage facility with easy access and ample space.

However, in Kalispell, if you are looking for affordable and secure facility then the best suggestion is to look for Truman Storage in Kalispell MT.,


Truman Storage prides them selves in being the highest quality and most affordable in the valley.
If you find your self in need of a self storage unit in Kalispell MT, stop buy and give them a try. 
Here is a map to their location: 





It is important to remember that we are not pushing any particular self-storage facility in Kalispell but rather the examples mentioned only happen to score fairly well in various fronts.
Assess your individual needs and choose a self-storage facility that matches your requirements.